Let’s try this. We’re gonna play a little flickchart, and I’ll let my stream of consciousness dictate what gets posted here.

Rocky II vs. The Tuxedo.

Really? This isn’t even a question. Stupid Jackie Chan movie …

Boys & Girls vs. Noises Off

I barely remember that I saw the former. No matter, though, because the latter is one of my favorite comedies of all time. HUGE cast. Tons of laughs. And I got to do the play in college! Noises Off wins.

House of Flying Daggers vs On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

This is another easy one. Sure, the former is pretty, but I actually actively disliked that film. I remember it being incoherent and stupid. Just because it’s foreign doesn’t make it good, folks. Bond wins.

Scream vs. Twins

It’s been a long time since I saw Twins, but Scream is a tour de force on many levels. Give it to the horror/comedy flick.

A Simple Plan vs A Goofy Movie

See why I love this website? I just laughed for about five seconds. Oh, Flickchart. Simple Plan. Sorry, Power Line!

The Living Daylights vs The Ides of March

Here’s a great one. This is actually pretty hard. I love, love, love the recent George Clooney film. But Bond is Bond! I think because I was left a little empty with Ides I gotta go with Bond. Bond – 2. Others – 0.


More to come…