Such is the title of a blogpost over at Letterboxd. You can look at it here. One of the things that the Letterboxd site does, as I’ve mentioned, is provide the ability to make lists that people can comment on. Now I don’t know the exact criteria tbat went into composing this list, but it is safe to say all of them have had their fair share of shitty reviews and detractors. According to the site, which catalogs this stuff, I’ve seen 41 of the 68 films, or exactly 60%. Now how many would I defend? Let’s see.

1. Alien3. I didn’t see it until three years ago, but it is nowhere near as bad as people say. It’s got problems for sure — killing off Newt and Bishop and Hicks is silly — but it is a very watchable film.

2. Constantine. Didn’t know people hated this. I dug it.

3. Halloween II (2009). I like it a whole lot more than Zombie’s first Halloween movie. It has an odd last act, but there are great moments through and through.

4. The Matrix Reloaded. Revolutions is crap. But Reloaded kicks ass, and it’s okay. Because it’s the first part of a two-parter, the unanswered questions aren’t problematic. And that car chase? Sheesh!

5. Femme Fatale. Cool movie. Brian de Palma, spies, sexy. It’s not amazing but it’s good.

6. Speed Racer. More Wachowski siblings. It’s JOY. It’s kinetic energy turned up to 11 and a whole lot of fun. Take your kids. Seriously.

7. Stargate. This movie is awesome. I can’t say that about any other Roland Emmerich movies.

8. Tron Legacy. See Speed Racer. But with a better score.

9. John Carter. People review this movie’s budget. They don’t review the movie. It’s fantastic.

10. Waterworld. I….well…

11. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Hey, Jar Jar haters. Get off the cross, we need the wood. It’s a fun movie. And it has one of the best pieces of swordwork ever put on film.

12. Dreamcatcher. I liked this movie. Butt aliens and all.

13. The Postman. I LOVE this movie. It’s epic. I watched it again last year and while it fell flat a bit, as it is kind of hokey, most of it played well. The hate makes no sense to me.

14. Death Sentence. It’s a good, dark drama.

15. Superman Returns. Best opening title ever. Nuff said.

16. Beverly Hills Cop III. I’ll never admit this is bad. It’s too much fun for me. Oh, Axel.


So 16 of 41. 40% of the 60% I would defend. Got that?