As I was doing my liveblog, I saw that the next thing that came up was The Searchers vs. something I don’t remember. Got me thinking … What are my favorite westerns? It’s my dad’s favorite genre, arguably, and I saw a shitload of them growing up. In fact, it’s a lot of those B-Westerns from the 50s that I need to help round out my list of movies over at Letterboxd. But what are my favorites?

Rio Bravo, without a doubt. Hawks made the same movie three times, but he got it perfect the first time.

Quigley Down Under. Yes, Tom Selleck in Australia. Not enough for you? Alan Rickman’s the bad guy. Who’s Alan Rickman? Hans Fucking Gruber.

The Cowboys. Spoilers here, but it’s from 1972 so I think we’re okay. This is the movie where John Wayne dies. And it’s brutal. And it sucks. But the end kicks so much ass, it’s okay. And that John Williams score doesn’t hurt either.

Tombstone. The far superior of the 93-94 Wyatt Earp movies, this one gets better every time I watch it. Kurt Russell recently came out and admitted that he in fact directed the film — which means we need him in the director’s chair sooner rather than later.

Shane. What do you think happens at the end? Watch how he sits on that horse. Could go either way? Nope. There’s one answer. And it’s the one that sucks.

The Professionals. Burt Lancaster and Lee Marvin. Bad guy is Jack Palance. Sort of. It’s super fun, but also dark. Highly recommended.