I used to be what I called a professional moviegoer. My friend Chris and I started a thing back in late high school called “Tuesday Movie Night,” and it was as simple as it sounded. We saw the same movie on the same day (apart, while we were at college) and discussed afterwards. This went on for over 5 straight years.

When my movie compadre and I broke up, my moviegoing dwindled but I still went out and saw a lot. Between 2002 and 2004 I went to the movies between 150-200 times a year. But now?

I’m lucky if I’ve seen 30 movies this year. Such is life, I suppose, and the real world does get you down a little bit. It’s not as easy to spend every other day at the theater when you have work and rent and obligations outside of the collegiate realm.

But part of this cataloging project that I’ve been doing, in some form or another for the last year plus, is to get a better handle on all the things I haven’t seen and to try and lock in a home-movie time to catch up on what I’ve missed. That’s not just about the last few years, but about my cinema education in general.

I’m going to open up Flickchart and Letterboxd and see what some of the more egregious gaps in my movie history are. More posts to follow.


I feel a little like the fictionalized Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network creating Facemash right now. Except way less intelligent.