So this blog started out as one thing and has evolved into another. That’s okay. It happens.

I was intent on discussing blogs in the movie biz and their impact, but let’s be serious, folks. Everyone loves lists. I am drawn to them. They prompt discussion or dissent. It’s loads of fun.

I’ve begged the question* for years of what my Top 10 is. How could I ever? I know what I have said my top 2 are, and I know what are “top 10” movies, but I’ve never formulated a solid list. It’s too hard. 10 movies? Out of the 1000s I’ve seen and hundreds I truly, truly love?

The other problem is that there’s what I used to say things were but that may not be true any more. I had many opinions which just mirrored that of my father, and my own took years to come into … their own. And there are also films that nobody would say are top 10 worthy. But they may show up. Because it’s my list.

There’s an important distinction. When people say “these aren’t the best movies, they’re my favorite” they’re talking shit. To think for a second that we have anything else — anything objective — to say about this art form is to render yourself completely useless. Your favorites are the best — to you.

Okay, okay, I know. Stop bitching and get on with it. Here’s what I think I’m going to do. Each post is going to count down my Top 10 of all time. It’s gonna take a little while to put it together, but I already know what number ten is. So here goes.


* Actually the proper usage of that idiom. Got schooled a year ago on it. Never get to use it. Win.