Sorry it’s been so long, folks. I could complain and explain, but that would only serve to piss you all off.

Anyhow, I recently got turned onto the newest and coolest website (it’s actually been around for a while, but it’s still in beta) that is going to ultimately help me catalog my lifetime moviegoing.

The website is Letterboxd (sic) and it’s not about pitting movies against one another the way Flickchart is, but rather rating them, sharing them and cataloging them. It really is the social media website for film.

The idea is simple. You click on movies to tell the system that you’ve seen it, and you can also add in a star rating. You can also blog (it’s called a diary) and share your films with others. You can make lists and share those with people, and it of course can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter.

Now, I have been trying to click my way through massive lists and amass a huge library or collection of “what I’ve seen.” The only problem is that there is no alphabetical list — only the compiled lists of OTHER users that you can see if you like. The best I’ve come up with so far is sorting them by year and going in manually. But I think this will be the way of the future for my ultimate movie list.


I should really stop cataloging and just see more. I live in the past a lot.


P.S. You have to be invited to join. Let me know if you want an invite.